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"How To Wear White: a pocket book for the bride-to-be" (Bloomsbury, 2013)

“A fantastic little book” – Daily Mail

“A wry guide to surviving the big day…This book won’t help you organise your wedding with military precision but it will make you giggle and remind you why you’re getting married.” – Marie Claire


Have you ever wondered about the average age of brides 500 years ago or what to do if you get a spot on your chin the night before the wedding? Are you familiar with the marriage customs of the Na people of south-west China or the etiquette of the placement? Do you know what Queen Victoria’s wedding day was like? Or whether you are legally allowed to marry your Brother’s Daughter’s Husband?

Wonder no more! Within these pages you will find all you need to know (and a few things you don’t) in order to enter into the dizzying, daring dance that is a modern marriage.

Discover intelligent, funny and eclectic advice on everything from how to waltz to what to do if a swarm of bees attacks your reception, and marvel at the mechanics of the human heart as well as the ingredients of a seventeenth-century Bride’s Pye.

From the totally frivolous to the deeply serious, from the cultural to the historical, from champagne consumption in the Yemen to celebrity wedding dress designers, How to Wear White is an intelligent, classy and eclectic guide to everything a twenty-first-century bride needs to know.. It is a book that women will buy for friends, daughters and sisters – and cherish for themselves.

True, you may not ever need to know the names of all of Elizabeth Taylor’s spouses or how to say ‘My husband’ in Norwegian, but isn’t it fabulous that you do?

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