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"The Literary Almanac" (Greenfinch, 2021)

“The ultimate reading list for book lovers everywhere, The Literary Almanac offers a seasonal reading programme inspiring us to reach for different kinds of novel throughout the calendar year.  Each entry chimes with a specific month for the ultimate mood reading experience, opening our imaginations to the rhythms of the seasons.


Writer, historian and bookseller Francesca Beauman provides over 300 suggestions of what to read when and each book is pitched with passion from The Count of Monte Cristo to snuggle up with on long winter nights to My Brilliant Friend on the beach in high summer to Diary of A Provincial Lady to get you through a family Christmas. Beautifully illustrated throughout and peppered with pithy quotations, noteworthy anniversaries and witty asides, this is the perfect companion for every bookworm and a beautiful gift.

Previous Books


"How To Wear White:

a pocket book for the bride-to-be"

(Bloomsbury, 2013)


''Shapely Ankle Preferr’d:

a history of the Lonely Hearts advertisement"

(Chatto & Windus, 2011)


"How To Crack An Egg With One Hand:

a pocketbook for the new mother"

(Bloomsbury, 2009)


"The Woman’s Book"

(Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 2007)


"The Pineapple:
King of Fruits"
(Chatto & Windus, 2005)

mat cover.jpg

"Matrimony, Inc.: from personal ads to swiping right, a story of America looking for love''